About Love

I have had the good fortune to give, grant and follow love without ever regretting the consequences. Not only for me, but also for my friends, love lead to the most amazing places and to endlessly interesting people. It is the best guide and mentor ever. Her guidance is warmth and tenderness, her instructional pointer… Continue reading About Love

Slow and cursory reading

A person who has read the first sentence in a new language feels like overcoming a mountain. A person scrolling through Instagram feels the ease of sliding. But we call both cases “reading” … Attention looking for fun, flips through the lines in passing; or looking for ideas, arguments, attention that grows into sentences. So… Continue reading Slow and cursory reading

Words are the boundaries of the own world

A word signifies an object only conditionally. Greek philosophers invented paradoxes to emphasize relativity of the meanings of words. “Will you be able to recognize your father? Yes! Will you recognize your father in one of these (covered) people? No. So you can’t recognize your father.” This paradox is easily resolved when we notice that… Continue reading Words are the boundaries of the own world