About Love

I have had the good fortune to give, grant and follow love without ever regretting the consequences. Not only for me, but also for my friends, love lead to the most amazing places and to endlessly interesting people. It is the best guide and mentor ever.

Her guidance is warmth and tenderness, her instructional pointer is openness and intimacy.

And when you give it to each other, there is no escape. The labyrinth you enter by loving is another person and his world in the details of behaviour and in the shades of feeling. By loving, you make that world your own – in the feelings and in the deeds and in the tastes and in the boldness and in the tenderness and in the tricks and in the fun. In love one makes your world his own; in style and poetry, in wisdom and care, all his friends become yours and yours become his. There is no greater act of generosity than to let oneself be loved, and no greater act of acceptance than to love another.

Love is a feeling with a side effect – learning. Those who have allowed themselves to be loved are in me forever. I will never part with the one who infected me with her thoroughness, independence and attachment for the earth. I will never part with the one who taught me to look beyond the immediate problems, the one who left in me a seed of love for Sanskrit and yoga, the one who gave me the confidence to create my own, the one who taught me to look for the word that perfectly fits the moment and not to hoard metaphors, I will never part with the one who infected me with his buzz of driving and boarding, her thoroughness in checking own health and her ability to create a cozy nest at home. In the moments when I combine a photo with a beautiful text, I remember whose love is responsible for this habit of mine.

This beautiful side effect is responsible for the fact that the love you weren’t afraid to give yourself to never ends.

The photo is the view I was taught to love once and for as long as the love lasts.