Slow and cursory reading

A person who has read the first sentence in a new language feels like overcoming a mountain. A person scrolling through Instagram feels the ease of sliding. But we call both cases “reading” … Attention looking for fun, flips through the lines in passing; or looking for ideas, arguments, attention that grows into sentences. So… Continue reading Slow and cursory reading

The Lessons of Mahabharata and “Traditional” Values

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that allgrand classic epicsare utterly tragic and their endingsare worlds away from thosehappy-ends of Hollywoodthat we are used to? So that even if the principal(allegedly positive) characters attain their goals they experience heavy disappointment all the same.Gilgamesh loses the magical herb of immortality andaccepts his destiny of… Continue reading The Lessons of Mahabharata and “Traditional” Values