українська федерація йоги

Yoga theory

This page is for those who want to deeply understand the practice of yoga, its language, history and intersections with other areas of human knowledge.
Yoga asanas have influenced many modern styles of exercise. Therefore, the anatomy, purposes and history of asanas can be interesting even at the fitness level of yoga.

In the section there is a dictionary of asanas, a Surya-namaskar sequence.

Pranayama is a class of practices that connect the body and psyche. By performing pranayama, it is easiest to notice how mood and emotions can be subordinated to breathing and how breathing, being uncontrolled, changes under the influence of feelings.

In the section also you can find articles of yoga therapists.

Mantras in yoga is one of the meditative techniques, and due to its popularity, it has acquired a separate page on our website.

Surya-namaskar mantras are also presented here.

Yoga therapy is the science of the correct execution of yoga techniques in relation to diseases, as well as the treatment of certain symptoms with yoga tools.
A dictionary of yoga terms introduces grammatical roots and quotes about various Sanskrit terms.
From the ancient roots to the present, we describe the personalities, events and ideas of yoga.