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Андрей Сафронов, Андрій Сафронов УФЙ, йога

Andriy Safronov

Esotericist, thinker, traveler.
Founder and President of the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga. One of the most prominent experts in yoga. His works respected by esoteric and scientific communities across the world.
Author of scientific papers, books, and publications on psycho-practices and mystical traditions.
Has conducted hundreds of seminars and educational lectures on yoga and esotericism in many countries around the world. Regularly leads educational and enlightening activities.

Personal blog

Notes on the Margins of Ancient Texts

Telegram channel about intersections of yogic teachings with philosophy and psychology.

Yoga Sutras: Commentary by a Modern Mystic

Blog Content – translation and commentaries on one of the most prominent primary sources of yoga – Yoga Sutras.

Scientific works, books and publications on psychopractices and mystical traditions.
yoga the history of ideas and views book

Yoga: History of Ideas and Views

Andriy Safronov
Йога, физиология, психосаматика, биоенергетика

Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatics, Bioenergetics

Andriy Safronov
Psycho-practices in Mystical Traditions from the Antiquity to the Present

Psycho-practices in Mystical Traditions from the Antiquity to the Present

Andriy Safronov


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After being initiated in 1985, practising yoga became the primary endeavour linked to an interest in mysticism and esotericism.

This interest led to the establishment of the School dedicated to the study of yoga's history, translation of primary sources, and further research.

Educational Background

Physics and Technical Faculty, Kharkiv State University, specialising in Theoretical Nuclear Physics;

Biological Faculty, Kharkiv State University, specialising in Medical Psychology;

PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Associate Professor at the Department of Socio-Economic Disciplines; Doctoral studies at the Department of Theory and History of Culture;

Languages: Sanskrit, Pali, Ancient Greek, Latin.

Research Area

The field of initial scientific research is psychopractices and mass consciousness psychology. He has written 70 scientific papers and three monographs, such as: Psychology of Religion, Religious Psychopractices in Cultural History, and Psychopractices in Mystical Traditions from Archaic Times to the Present. The book ‘Yoga: Physiology, Psychosomatics, Bioenergy’ (2005) became the foundation for the methodology of teaching yoga in the School. The book ‘Yoga: History of Ideas and Views’ (2021) is the most modern scientific research on yoga ideas.


Pursuing personal experiences of esoteric traditions has led to many journeys to different parts of the world. These journeys encompass ashrams in India, temples in Tibet, spiritual places in China, Pakistan, Israel, Greece, sacred sites and festivals in Switzerland, Portugal, Spain.

The interest in esoterism has also led to meetings with leaders of contemporary spiritual movements - Ole Nydahl, Stanislav Grof, Karmapa. Part of these travels involved studying Sanskrit in Varanasi, Leiden and Heidelberg University.

Current Activities

Leading the Ukrainian Yoga Federation, teaching yoga classes, providing in-depth training and seminars on various aspects of yoga and esotericism, such as History of Esoteric Teachings, Mythological Roots of Consciousness, Worldview, Meditation, and Chakra Petals.

An additional focus is popularizing yoga ideas, which has led to presentations at international conferences (such as Zinal in 2023) in 2023) and authoring new books on yoga.
Since 2017, translating the primary yoga sources has been another area of focus.