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Translations from Sanskrit

The texts we translate are the primary sources of yoga, texts of the Kama Shastra canon and other texts that influence the tradition of Yoga.

The authors of the translations on this page are instructors of the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga and senior students of the School who study Sanskrit in the project Sanskrit in Ukraine.

We publish new translations on the Yoga Library.

Hatha yoga and tantra

The Mṛgendra tantra

A translation of one of the first texts of Hatha Yoga, which seems to be at the intersection of early Hatha Yoga, tantra and magic.

The Vajroli yoga

Sexual practices in tantra are widely known. Similar practices in Yoga are much less well known because of the bias in the translation of classical texts. It was even more interesting to translate this text at the intersection of traditions.

Kama Shastras

texts of the art of love and seduction

The Paururava Manasija Sutra

"Manasija", in the title of the work, is one of the names of the god Kama, the god of sensuality, love, desire and pleasure. Etymologically, this name comes from the words "manas" - "mind" and "jha" - "born". That is, Manasija is "Born in Thought". A subtle reflection on the fact that the source of desire is thought, not physiology. The word "purava" in the title refers to the mythological authorship attributed to the legendary king Pururavas.