Life or a road trip?


When we set out on a journey, we choose a direction. Guided by our deep desires, we fuel up with energy to fulfill them. Then the journey becomes exciting, fulfilling, and unique.

The more accurately we feel and understand what we want, the fewer detours and wanderings we’ll experience as travelers. Here, refined reflection and the ability to differentiate between the profound and the superficial (emotional, borrowed, not our own) will come in handy.

The path is unlikely to be without obstacles. However, the strength of our desires will drive us to find ways to overcome them. And we will continue the journey as a slightly improved version of ourselves.

And it’s important not to forget that these obstacles are an integral part of the journey, along with the captivating landscape, loved ones nearby, and adventures. They cannot be avoided because it’s by overcoming them that we grow and develop.

Remember — true transformations in life happen when we strongly desire something, have the audacity to admit it to ourselves, and make efforts to achieve it.

Yevheniia Halaidiuk, instructor of the O-yoga team