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Инструктор Татьяна Приходько

Yoga and Sanskrit teacher Tanya Prykhodko

I teach yoga together with the We Love Yoga team. I teach Sanskrit and translate primary sources of yoga in the project Sanskrit in UA. I talk about yoga books and research in the Yoga Library project. Contacts: Instagram | Telegram | YouTube
Инструктор йоги Татьяна Приходько


I have been teaching yoga since 2019, studying and practicing yoga since 2008 at the UFI Yoga School.

Since 2022, I have been traveling the world. The circumstances of the trip are that the university (where I study Eastern philosophy), family and relatives are 1000 km away from each other. So my permanent cities of existence are Berlin, Amsterdam, Leipzig and Rotterdam.

In autumn 2023, I plan to open two groups — online and offline (Leipzig).

My projects

I believe that a person can be felt most accurately by the results of his work. Therefore, the following are the projects in which I participate, my lectures and my translations.

Бібліотека йоґи yoga library библиотека йоги

Yoga Library

In 2020, together with the students and instructors of the UFY, we organized the project Yoga Library. On the project website, we collect books and research on yoga.

The topics we cover are Yoga dictionary, History of yoga, translations of primary sources of yoga, books of yoga and other philosophical and esoteric traditions.

On the telegram channel of the project — every week new translations and posts about yoga.

sanskrit in ukraine


Since 2017, I have been studying Sanskrit with teachers from Ukraine, Germany, and India.

My teachers are Vaghish Shastri, Andriy Safronov, Natalia Likhushyna, Edgar Leyten, Sadananda Das.

In 2018, I developed my own method of teaching Sanskrit and teach students according to it. In 2023, I translated these workbooks for students into Ukrainian.

Together with my colleagues, we created a project Sanskrit in Ukraine. There, we collect a modern methodological base of Sanskrit and, together with the students, translate the primary sources of yoga into Ukrainian.

Participated in such translations from Sanskrit —

• We translate “Bhagavadgita together with students and Edgar Leyten.

• Together with Evgenia Shvets, we translate the text “Sharada-tilaka-tantra“.

• Own translation of “Goraksa-yoga-shastra”.

• Together with Victoria Shvets, we are translating “Travels of King Vikrama“.

• I independently translate the text “Hatha-yoga-pradipika-dzhyotsna“,

• Edited the translation of the works “Mrigendra Tantra“, “Rati-manjari“, “Paurava-manasija-sutra” .

Lectures on Sanskrit

инструктор йоги Татьяна Приходько

Таня Приходько

Classic yoga online (from October)
🗓 every Saturday 19:00, zoom

Classic yoga offline (from October)
🗓 Thursday 18:30, Leipzig

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