українська федерація йоги

Olena Pikhulia

Yoga instructor in the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga. Contributor to numerous yoga seminars and workshops with hatha-yoga practice and lectures on classical yoga philosophy \ meditative techniques.

…and beyond formalities (aka the juiciest part😉):

A dancing yogini with a penchant for verbal sophistication and visual aestheticism, having 15 years of personal practice and 6 years of yoga teaching experience. Sees yoga as an art of self-expression and believes beauty to result from discipline and self-control. Speaks on aesthetic and cultural aspects of sensuality at UA and international Sex.Ed events.

A curious eye with passion for travelling and photographing, and a creative mind devoted to writing and translation (including books on yoga). A choreographer with affection for shows staging and hosting. And an ardent advocate of planks and jogging who loves teaching mellow yoga to mighty people.



New groups on yoga in Lviv start in September 2023.

Other cities \ online – TBA

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