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Dmytro Danylov Yoga online

Dmytro Danylov

Senior instructor of Ukrainian Federation of Yoga

The founder of "Yogis without borders", "YogaTravel" and "YogaScience"

Vice President of the European Union of Yoga, France

Ph.D. in philosophy (H.Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, Kyiv)

Welcome to a new group of yoga

My name is Dmytro Danylov.
I am starting a new class in Yogic Esoterics. Modern yoga is full of bright pictures and inverted postures, but there is more to this tradition.

I have been teaching yoga for over 16 years. I taught many people in different countries. I have studied yoga in Indian jungles and in refined European yoga-studios. I have done academical research and defended my Ph.D. thesis on the history of meditation in yoga (dhyāna). Nevertheless, I know that studying yoga without understanding the core of its esoterics is pointless.

That is why I plan to have a class on Esoterics of Yoga in October. Without understanding this aspect of the ancient spiritual Indian tradition, you will never understand the principals of asanas, pranayamas, meditations and its goals.

I am inviting you to join my class. We will go over the structure of human consciousness, principals of yogic psychology, we will talk about yogic variety of psycho-practices and its esoterical approach to the spiritual development of the practitioner.

We start on 9th of October, Monday, at 18:30 CET. Our classes will be held in Zoom. For the first class you will need paper and pen, or its digital equivalent. Later on we will need a yoga-matt and comfortable clothes.



2019 – defense of the first thesis on the philosophy of yoga in Ukraine (PhD), H.Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of NAU

2007-2009 – Donetsk National University of Physical Education and
Sports, specialization “Physical Education and Sports Teacher”,

2002-2003 – master’s degree at Donetsk National University, specialty
“International Economy”, Ukraine

1999-2001 – Vienna National University, specialty “International
Economy”, Austria

Speeches and participation in scientific conferences

2017 – International Scientific Conference “XXI Oriental Studies Readings by A. Krymsky”, Ukraine

2017 – Religions Symposium of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

2018 – All-Ukrainian conference of Indologists “India – 70 years of independent development: achievements, problems, prospects”, Ukraine

2018 – World Sanskrit Conference, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Additional education in hatha yoga

2010 – Ashtanga Yoga at Pattabhi Jois, Mysore, India

2009 – Yoga with BCS Iyengar, Pune, India

2008-2009 – Krishnamacharya Institute, Chennai, India

Academic schools of Sanskrit and Yoga

2017 – Summer Academic School of Yoga at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

2016 – Krakow yoga conference at the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

2015-2016 – Vagish Shastri Sanskrit Course, Varanasi, India

2015 – Summer School of Spoken Sanskrit at the University of Heidelberg, Germany

2013 – Vienna yoga conference, University of Vienna, Austria

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2008 – Yoga Travel project

▪ A series of photo exhibitions “The world through the eyes of yogis” in the cities
of Ukraine (Lviv, Chernihiv, Donetsk, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Kyiv)

▪ Photo exhibition “Little Tibet. The world through the eyes of yogis”, 2016, Kyiv

▪ Personal photo exhibition of Dmytro Danilov, 2018, Kyiv

▪ Photo exhibition “Rave of Ancient Cultures”, 2020, Kyiv

▪ Creation of experimental travel routes (India, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Iran, Pakistan)

2015 – Yogis Without Borders project: yoga lectures in Amsterdam, Dortmund, Dubai, Krakow, Tel Aviv

2016 – YogaScience project: translated more than 50 scientific articles about yoga

2016 – author of the book Yoga Wall. A tutorial on the technique of yoga on the ropes near the wall

2018 – author of applications for IOS and Android: YogaPatta. Methodical guide for performing asanas on the ropes at the Yoga Wall

2020 – edition of the monograph on meditation in yoga (dhyana), “Transformation of the concept of “dhyana” in the teaching of yoga” 

Yoga Teacher experience

In 2007, began teaching yoga

2012 – opening of a chain of yoga-studios “Nataraja” in Mariupol and Donetsk, Ukraine

2015 – Senior instructor at the Kyiv branch of the Ukrainian Yoga Federation. Curator of international projects of UFY. Yoga researcher and author of scientific articles

2022 – voted the Vice President of European Union of Yoga

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Dmytro Danylov
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Dmyrto Danylov


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