українська федерація йоги
інструктор йоги в Берліні Ксенія Дʼяченко

Kseniya Diachenko

Hallo, Berlin! My name is Ksenia. I have been practicing yoga for ten years, 5 of which I have been teaching.

I am an instructor of the Ukrainian Yoga Federation and certified member of European Yoga Alliance.

In our classes we explore not only our body, but also our feelings and the way we think. Looking forward to meeting you!

Yoga Symphony



These physical exercises focus on synchronizing muscles and opening main channels, crucial for maintaining health and balance. By practicing asanas, you develop a deeper understanding of your body's mechanics, leading to improved posture, strength, and flexibility



These breathing exercises help you recognize and regulate emotional responses by first noticing them in the body. This awareness empowers you with the choice and freedom to respond to life situations more consciously



Through these meditative practices, you explore the categories and narratives that shape your thoughts. This introspection offers clarity – an opportunity to assess if these narratives serve you well, or if it's time to compose new, more empowering stories for your life's journey

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