українська федерація йоги

Individual Fist Aid Kits

Dancers, Yoginis, Lawyers, Designers we are a group of volunteers helping Ukrainian defenders with high-quality Individual Fist Aid Kits.

With 6 months of work and over 215 requests fulfilled, we have thus far delivered almost 3 thousand IFAKs to our army. The army that sets high standards to all civilians’ work.

That’s why we guarantee that our kits comply with official protocols, without compromising on quality, and containing certified items only.

And yes, we do check if the candidates have passed proper training and know how to use all IFAK components.

A kit like this costs 150 Euro.

Yet this is a penny compared to saving people’s lives and securing humanistic ideas of the mankind.

So don’t let the darkness jeopardize the future. Support our team today! Please donate and share this fundraiser with your friends, family, and communities.

monobank Kukharuk Svitlana

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IBAN: UA 58 322001 00000 2620 3307 9631 69

TIN / EDRPOU: 3002521364

5375 4199 0863 1649 in EUR

Replenishment from abroad EUR

Beneficiary (Beneficiary)

IBAN: UA 96 322001 00000 2620 5327 9757 48

Account No: 26205327975748

Receiver: KUKHARUK SVITLANA, 79059, Ukraine, reg. Lvivska, c. Lviv, st. Pluhova, build. 7, fl. 22

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IBAN UA81 3808 0500 0000 0026 0037 9234 6 UAH

EDRPOU code: 38738541

Raiffeisen Bank, MFO 380805

Military equipment volunteers — Сombat Kittens

A cat in need is a cat indeed. Especially if this is a Ukrainian one!

So meet Combat Kittens – a volunteer association that’s been working hard to support the fighting power of Ukrainian battalion task forces.

We are the very guys who help the other guys – the ones that’s been courageously defending Ukraine at the hottest points.

They ask for things – we go for them.

We raise donations to buy and send to the frontline a wide range of equipment.

Be these tents or power chargers, thermal cameras or quad-copters, gas and food, tents and folding beds, IFAKs, generators, and even an armoured jeep – we have them soon after we get a corresponding request. And we have delivered a lot for the last half a year.

Fast and efficient, wild and persistent, we always work with a certain squad that we know, helping them to improve their battlefield position.

Cheerful, vibrant and motivated, we are a nice team to be a part of! While freedom and democracy are decent values to stand for.

So join us by donating, or sharing our fundraiser with your friends and communities. And leave your paw print in the book of Ukrainian struggle.

PayPal: [email protected]

Monobank card: 4441114452188335



From the first days of war team of yogis, dancers and their friends:

❑ search for medicines from Europe and bring them to Ukraine for further deliveries to military hospitals and maternity centers.

❑ looked for food and other supplies from Europe, arrange for their delivery to the warehouse in Lviv and further distribution among hot-spots, military and civilian people and children;

❑ welcomed the refugees, provided them with beds, food and care. More than 1200 people were hosted there during the first 3.5 months of war.

❑ helped to find lodging in Lviv to people who have left or lost their homes;

❑ helped dancers who have left the country to find housing and work in Europe.


Sending financial help to Ukrainians is possible through

PayPal: [email protected]


Lviv Section CID at UNESCO

Teaching center

Our team organized and delivered free classes on self-defense, pre-medical aid, yoga, martial arts, dance for children and adults: the relocated people staying in our shelter and in Lviv in general, for volunteers and the students of our studios. We teach:

❑ yoga,

❑ tactic self-defense and martial arts,

❑ courses on emergency and combat first aid;

❑ dance classes for refugees children,

❑ woo-shoo for children.

Dancers in Ukraine today

23.10.2022 members of the International Dance Council CID held a conference devoted to the life of Ukrainian dancers today, the influence of war on their creative work and to the ways other dancers can help them.

What can any dancer do:

❑ organize concert and performances displaying symbolics of Ukraine;

❑ make performances about war and remind of its atrocities;

❑ collect funds for support of Ukrainian dancers and people of Ukraine;

❑ help Ukrainian dancers in other countries, help them find jobs, dance studios, help them adapt in new conditions;

❑ create programs that can help Ukrainian dancers to continue their studies;

❑ create performances aimed to support morale of military and civil people in Ukraine;

❑ make donations to the volunteering dancers, they collect funds for the first-aid kits, clothes and other equipment for the Ukrainian army;

❑ remind others that the attack of Russia continues, spread information about the war action on the territory of Ukraine;

❑ spread the information that Russia is designated a sponsor of terrorism, which means that peace talks will not result in cease of genoсide of the Ukrainian people.

We are happy that we could tell our stories to other dancers and we thank to everyone who heard our arguments.

Our Team of Volunteers

Video and photo materials here done by Vadim Sanzharevsky and Alexiy Prykhodko.